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come to APE!!

Hey kiddos, it’s that time again! Alternative Press Expo is almost upon us, and you should come and visit my table! I will be there with my buddies Ryan Sands, Hellen Jo, Derek Yu, Calvin Wong, Anthony Wu, and Ryan Germick, and we will be selling all kinds of comics, zines, prints, and other goodies. Keep reading for info…


APE 2009

Saturday October 17th, 11am-7pm  &  Sunday October 18th, 11am-6pm
at The Concourse (620 7th Street, San Francisco CAView Map


Here’s a map of where we’re gonna be in the building (we’re called “Bang Gang”, and are at table #418)


APE MAP 2009


This will be the debut of issue 2 of “Electric Ant” – the comics & literary anthology zine that I do with Ryan Sands. Several of the contributors in the book will be at the show, so be sure to come. Come on by, say hi, and buy some shit!!!


EDIT (from the fuuuuuture!): Click this photo of my buddies and I to see a ton of photos from APE 2009!

APE 2009

“Off the Wall” post mortem

Off the Wall - my art space

my setup


Getting to posting this a little late, but I was in LA for a week. Anyway, I wanted to share some pics from the “Off the Wall” art show. It went well. I met some really awesome people and got a much bigger display area at this show (4×8ft). I spray-painted a neon pink, yellow, green & silver background of “asa no ha” pattern (my favorite pattern!), over which resided eight large prints.


I wanted to share some pics of the show with you, as well as some photos of the process of painting the background. Hope you find these fun!


(click the pics to go to their respective Flickr pages with bigger views)






Off the Wall - setting up my art space

wall in progress

Off the Wall - Ryan & me

My good buddy Ryan & me. (protip: don’t wear a rubber jacket to an art opening. So sweaty!)

Off the Wall - buddies!

L to R: Christina, Melania, Max, Kaoru, Andy

Off the Wall - Patricia & Oliver

Patricia & Oliver

Off the Wall - Sarah and Jay222

Sarah and Jay222



Off the Wall - fun folks!

fun folks!


It was cool to run into Piper Robbins & Alisha Fumiko Harada former students at the art school I used to work at. You’ll see them in that last pic! In other news, while at the show, I met Charlie Jane Anders from io9.com while at the show, and she featured my work on the site the following week. That was pretty rad! (I was also in the week recap)


Let’s see what else is new… I’m tabling for my fourth year in a row at APE this coming week, but more on that in my next post…




HunterHowdy kids! The “Off the Wall” art show went well. I met a lot of rad people and there was a great turnout. I had a pretty deluxe setup for my art at this show. I’ll post pics soon. In the meantime, here’s that new mystery artwork I did a couple days ago:


It’s the second in my new, second Robot Army series. The model is my good buddy Raphye. She was a good friend of mine back in high school, and I hadn’t seen her for ten years, until we reconnected on my recent three week trip back to Michigan. I think she makes a good model. I did another shoot with her, which I’ll post soon.


I also posted a ton of non-illustrated photos and a video from the robot shoot, which you can see here!



Off the Wall

Hey kids, just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be in another art show, this coming Friday at Space Gallery in San Francisco


“Off the Wall”
Friday, September 25th, 8pm-late
admission $5
Space Gallery (1141 Polk St, btwn Sutter & Post)


I’ll have a bigger presence at this one than I did at Beyond Recognition. I’ll have about eight prints in the show, all pretty big size. One of the pieces is a brand new one that I just finished about 20 minutes ago. I’m not going to post it on this site until after the show, so it’ll be a surprise if you make in in person!

Beyond Recognition post-mortem

The Beyond Recognition show went well for me. I showed eight pieces, and sold half of them. Yayy! It’s looking like I will be a part of the follow-up show, happening in September. I’ll keep you posted…  It was a fun show. My 15 year old nephew was visiting me for a few days, from Michigan, so it was cool to expose him to some good artists. In addition to 2D pieces, there was some sculptural work, as well as fashion, and some bands played. Lots of people showed up – maybe about 200-300. Here are a few shots from the evening (click the pics to go to their respective Flickr pages with bigger views):


Beyond Recognition - my art space

My bit of wall space

Beyond Recognition - happy customers!

Happy customers!

These fine folks from Jubilee Hair Studio bought four of my pieces!


Beyond Recognition

Missy Feigum

I loved this girl’s art. Check out more.


Beyond Recognition

Left: Kelli posing with her art. Nice girl who makes good art. Right: Dunno whose art this is, but I dug it.

Beyond Recognition

Probably about 200-300 people showed up over the course of the evening. Nice turnout.

“Zipperface” + an art show “Beyond Recognition”

Beyond Recognition art showGlaaargh, hellishly busy still, and in addition to the usual business, I’m preparing to move to a different apartment in a week, and also for my nephew’s visit to SF over this next week. BUT: some news…


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13th at Space Gallery  (1141 Polk St, San Francisco CA)


I have several pieces in the “Beyond Recognition” show, and the opening is this coming Friday. I will also more than likely be selling prints while there. Come check it out and say hi!





Click the image for a larger view.

Also, I made a new illustrated-photography piece, “Zipperface”, featuring my favorite muse again (Dawon). This is a disturbing scene that came to me in a dream back in 2000, in which a girl approaches me, pulls a zipper from her forehead, and starts to expose her skull, before I am jarred awake. Yikers. This is a first in a series of illustrated-photography based on dreams – hopefully to accompany a graphic novel of dreams (if my schedule ever permits it)














More soon hopefully. My next creative projects after settling into my new place (old place technically, as I’m moving back into the apartment I spent my first 4 years in SF in), will be focusing on Electric Ant issue 2 design and illustration, and adapting Maruo’s Panorama Island into English. (yayyyy!!!)  You’ll have to wait a while for that second one to come out, but it’ll be worth it. Ryan and I are salivating over working on it, and are treating it with the care and respect it deserves!



Ooof! A month has elapsed with nary a post. Sorry ’bout that…


I’ve been working like crazy on a freelance graphic design project for a new startup, and that’s been soaking up all of my creativity lately. Probably about another couple weeks and I’ll be done with it, and back to making stuff to post here. I’m looking forward to cutting loose again. Also, I think I’ll be redesigning my site soon, when time allows… After being spoiled with cable internet since 2000, I’m currently stuck with DSL (for now) at my new apartment, so I’m starting to see the site from outside the high-speed internet bubble. (well, DSL is technically high speed compared to dial-up, but feels horridly slow sometimes, and my site loads slow on it.) Stay tuned…

Kat & Katie

Hey kids, sorry for the delay in posting. I moved back to San Francisco after my 4.5 month stint in Michigan, and have been settling in, doing lots of freelance design work. However, I did just post some new fashion photography.


Kat & Katie


Last October, I did several shoots with Katie, one of which you saw in the “Takarazuka” illustrated-photo piece. Well, I finally got a chance to edit the other shots I took (after my hard drive disaster, I lost them, but luckily Katie had backup copies for me to edit.) Anyway, I have some headshots of her with wild makeup. Also, right before I left Michigan, my pal Kat and I did a shoot in a junkyard. If you go here, you can see her rocking some crazy animal print tights with a busted-up police cruiser, decked-out in yellow with a blue Ford Pinto, and wearing a neat white shirt.


My nose is to the grindstone on this site design gig, but hopefully I’ll get some new photography or illustration (or both) done soon.