"LANTERN" 2018 shareshare
My years living in Nagasaki have fundamentally changed me. No matter where I go, I feel that the experiences I've had here have made me look at the world differently and helped me to better shed some of my own cultural baggage and biases. Living abroad has helped me to feel stateless, in a good way. The distance I've had from my home country has made me feel more distant from it in some ways, and other experiences have brought my heart closer. My time in Japan has etched a part of that culture into my heart, while some experiences have reminded me how foreign I am in this archipelago. If it makes any sense, it's brought me closer to myself as an internationally-minded person.

My previous illustrated-photography piece, Tatemae, dealt with the "masks"
that we all wear when interfacing with the world. This deals with some of what's behind my mask, and one of the things that will forever be a part of me is Nagasaki.

If you'd like to learn more about the process of making this piece, and the ideas and cultural background it references, please check out the making-of!
MEDIA: digital photos, CG, Wacom

MORE INFO: blog post

the making of

Lantern details

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