"A BOY AND HIS BIKE" 2018 shareshare
A Boy and His Bike
This is the 50th illustrated-photography piece I've done (out of 76 overall to date), so I wanted to try something special. A self-portrait, but unlike the last one, this one is me as a little kid. It's the first illustrated-photo I've made based off of a photo I didn't take. Special thanks to my mom for the Polaroid I used for this! I was seven or eight when this was taken, and I was super excited to receive my first bicycle, for Christmas. I don't look all that enthused in the pic, but I must have been playing it cool for the camera. It's already interesting for me to do self-portraits, since I don't do them that often, but this was extra interesting to me since it felt like traveling back in time, 30 years ago. MEDIA: Polaroid, CG, Wacom
ORIGINAL PHOTO: Carolyn Hayden

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