"CACCIATORE" 2007, 2017 shareshare
I made this piece originally back in 2007, but it was sadly one of several works, basically all my 2007 and 2008 art, that I lost the original files for when a hard drive died, leaving me unable to make and sell good prints of it. Ten years later I decided to revisit Cacciatore and remake it, better than before. I've done this before, enjoyed it, and I believe got better results than the original. I'm happy with this refreshed piece as well.

I decided to take a different approach to the theme of the work, making it less bloody than before. I also redrew everything, tweaked colors a lot more, and added texture.

MEDIA: digital photos, CG, Wacom
MODELS: Patric (foreground), Tokyo Motor Show model (background, name unknown)
Alfa Romeo Brera
San Francisco CA (model), Tokyo JP (car)

Cacciatore bonus

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