Ooof! A month has elapsed with nary a post. Sorry ’bout that…


I’ve been working like crazy on a freelance graphic design project for a new startup, and that’s been soaking up all of my creativity lately. Probably about another couple weeks and I’ll be done with it, and back to making stuff to post here. I’m looking forward to cutting loose again. Also, I think I’ll be redesigning my site soon, when time allows… After being spoiled with cable internet since 2000, I’m currently stuck with DSL (for now) at my new apartment, so I’m starting to see the site from outside the high-speed internet bubble. (well, DSL is technically high speed compared to dial-up, but feels horridly slow sometimes, and my site loads slow on it.) Stay tuned…

Kat & Katie

Hey kids, sorry for the delay in posting. I moved back to San Francisco after my 4.5 month stint in Michigan, and have been settling in, doing lots of freelance design work. However, I did just post some new fashion photography.


Kat & Katie


Last October, I did several shoots with Katie, one of which you saw in the “Takarazuka” illustrated-photo piece. Well, I finally got a chance to edit the other shots I took (after my hard drive disaster, I lost them, but luckily Katie had backup copies for me to edit.) Anyway, I have some headshots of her with wild makeup. Also, right before I left Michigan, my pal Kat and I did a shoot in a junkyard. If you go here, you can see her rocking some crazy animal print tights with a busted-up police cruiser, decked-out in yellow with a blue Ford Pinto, and wearing a neat white shirt.


My nose is to the grindstone on this site design gig, but hopefully I’ll get some new photography or illustration (or both) done soon.

Illustration – odds & ends

odds & ends

Sort of a random update today… a mix of new and old. To the Illustration page, I have posted: a car I designed in a little fit of inspiration tonight, something I made for the Electric Ant blog’s “covered meme” (Gene Autry), and two images I drew for Electric Ant zine #1, but didn’t get a chance to post until now, Zombie Apocalypse, and Dukes of Cobra. Also, for the Photography page, I finally posted the promotional photography that I did for last fall.


Secured a sublet in San Francisco, so I’m moving back! I’ll be on the road in about a week…

“Recumbent” + new car photography!

Despite having a really bad cold this week, I was productive…  I posted a new illustrated photo as well as two new works for the automotive photography page.


new this week...

To see a bigger version of “Recumbent”, as well as a couple of behind-the-scenes photos, click here. To see a bigger version of the Chevy Malibu pic, click here, and to see a bigger version of the 911 Targa (I want one so bad) pic, click here.


More later. I ate too much cheese, and now my lactose-intolerance is giving me a stomach ache  🙁

Ellen and a 500

Ellen & a Fiat 500

Just posted a couple shots from last fall that I hadn’t gotten a chance to put up until now… Ellen, posing with a beautiful little black Fiat 500. Click the preview pic above to see them big and in color!


alsooooo... I’m coming back to California in early March. I’m excited!



So this one’s a pretty different style for me. This piece was inspired by Japanese Takarazuka theatre, in which every role is played by women. I find such androgyny interesting, so with my model Katie’s help (she plays both the guy and the girl), and the very talented makeup artist Aiko, I wanted to try my hand at the aesthetic.



I’ve included some examples of Takarazuka Revue posters, so you can see how the real thing looks:


Takarazuka inspiration

original shots


TreeI just finished a new illustrated-photo work, called “Tree”.  It’s pretty NSFW (lots of nakedness), so if you want to see the actual piece, click here, or on the preview pic.


I’ve been wanting to do this idea for a couple of years now, but never quite had the right logistics.  I’ve always liked the look you get when you blow ink around with a straw, and one day, my mind started wandering, and I thought “what if a human grew like that?”  I’ve also had mutants on my mind a lot lately, since I’ve been playing so much Fallout 3. haha…


Probably won’t have much new art here for a little bit.  I’m scurrying like crazy on stuff in preparation for my move back to California, but I will see you soon!


PS: Ryan started a blog for Electric Ant recently, and I post some fun art there occasionally.


Just finished a new illustrated-photo piece, and this one marks the return of the Robot Army series…



This piece features my friend Dawon, as a chromed-up android.  The previous series featured a military theme, with very rough & tumble, gritty looking machines, loaded down with gadgets.  For this piece, I wanted to channel a little of my fondness for Hajime Sorayama, and go with a smoother, more shiny aesthetic. Since Dawon is my longtime muse, and a natural model, I was lucky to have many good shots from that afternoon, but unfortunately, those all went when my hard drive died this past fall.  Luckily I had a few left over – enough to make one piece.  This year should bring many more robots!

C-Pop pix from Metromix

Sleeeepy… about to go to bed, but I thought I’d mention that Detroit Free Press / Metromix photographer Tracey Nawrot documented the CPOPpor2nity show on Metromix. See the pictures here. (It’s funny, I’m actually on the front page of the gallery, and the site. *egostroke*)



The show was a lot of fun. I saw a nice selection of art from some talented people, and met some cool folks.


Still wading through pics from my road trip – I took many photos en route – but the documentary work has kept me a bit busy since I got to Michigan. I’ll have more fashion stuff for you kids to check out soon, and then some new illustrated-photography!