Kat & Katie

Hey kids, sorry for the delay in posting. I moved back to San Francisco after my 4.5 month stint in Michigan, and have been settling in, doing lots of freelance design work. However, I did just post some new fashion photography.


Kat & Katie


Last October, I did several shoots with Katie, one of which you saw in the “Takarazuka” illustrated-photo piece. Well, I finally got a chance to edit the other shots I took (after my hard drive disaster, I lost them, but luckily Katie had backup copies for me to edit.) Anyway, I have some headshots of her with wild makeup. Also, right before I left Michigan, my pal Kat and I did a shoot in a junkyard. If you go here, you can see her rocking some crazy animal print tights with a busted-up police cruiser, decked-out in yellow with a blue Ford Pinto, and wearing a neat white shirt.


My nose is to the grindstone on this site design gig, but hopefully I’ll get some new photography or illustration (or both) done soon.

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