Exploring an abandoned aquarium with Fumi

Hey cats and kittens, I just posted the best shots from the other photo shoot I did with Fumi. Click above, or here to check them out! She and her friend / frequent collaborator Sayuri showed me a really awesome, secluded, abandoned aquarium that was by the waterside outside of Sasebo. I’ve done a lot of exploration of urban ruins back in the states, but this was my first time doing it in Japan. All the good locations for that are hard to access from Nagasaki without a car, so it was nice of Sayuri to take use there. I had an old-lady jacket that I’ve found at a thrift shop that was covered with my favorite pattern (“asa no ha”, which you’ve seen in many of my artworks), that I’d been dying to shoot with, so Fumi donned that, as well as my favorite sunglasses, and some edgy attire of her own, and we got to exploring!


I had a lot of fun shooting with Fumi, and for the first time in a long while, I’ve found a local model who I’m on the same page with and who wants to do fun crazy shoots. You’ll hopefully be seeing more of her in my portfolio in the future…


Anyway, enjoy the photos! / クリックしてください

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