Sugar Brain 3
MACRO - "SUGAR BRAIN 3"   DOWNLOAD (34.8MB rt-click & "save link as")

After a six year creative block, I finally made a new album. It's an all-noise EP, the third in a series of noise EPS, the first two of which came out in 1999 and 2001, respectively. This is really all NOISE and experimental shit, so if you are looking for proper "music", stay tuned for my next album. This EP is really just an exercise for me to get re-acquainted with my musical tools and to just cut loose, not having to pressure myself to make "danceable", or for that matter "palatable" music. Anyway, here are all 50 tracks in one "trial-by-fire" file. If you're feeling brave, download it and listen to it LOUD!

Track listing:
1. Bug With a Vengeance
2. Ultra Bug Inferno
3. Solid State Bug
4. H1N1BUG
5. Make Me a Bug Sandwich
6. Sleep All Day, But All Night
7. There is a Bug That Never Goes Out
8. Super Bug Galaxy
9. Bugs and Recreation
10. A Bug in the Hand...
11. Bug 1999 Eternal
12. Let's Play a Bug Game
13. Do You Want Bug, Do You Want Fame?
14. My Bug is Playing Tricks on Me
15. I Love a Bug in Uniform
16. Bug is for Children
17. Bug, Bringer of War
18. Hambuggerer
19. Hot on the Heels of Bug
20. 20 Jazz Funk Bugs
21. My Bug is For Real
22. Last Bug Standing
23. Bug: Legacy
24. Scrambled Bugs
25. The Bug Hammer
26. Tapestry of Bugs
27. Bugside Down
28. The Followers of the Bugpocalypse
29. Xbug 360
30. iBug
31. Bondage a Bug Bug
32. Electric Bug
33. I Have no Bug and I Must Scream
34. Norwegian Forest Bug
35. Credit in the Bug World
36. Bug Biv Davoe
37. Bug Can Have Whatever it Likes
38. Bug Machine
39. Young Bugs Run Free
40. Bug Hearts Run Free
41. David Cronenbug
42. A Midsummer Night's Bug
43. Dragonbug Z
44. Dario Bugento
45. My Neck, My Bug
46. Stanley Bugbrick
47. Buggergfinger
48. Bugger from Another Mother
49. S.I.G.B.U.G.

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