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3 for Marie

Las Vagrants

The Fingler


Cradle 2 the Grave & Testarossa

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I know it's a little quaint and anachronistic these days, but I still love making mix CDs for my friends. It's fun to curate a good selection of rare jams, and just as much fun to make custom packaging for them. Sometimes I use found images for the packages, and remix them a bit, and sometimes it's completely from scratch.

Here you'll find a variety of different ones I've made over the years, and I'll update this page as I make more. Represented so far:

"3 for Marie": 3-disc set. Slipcase packaging made from scratch. 
"Las Vagrants": 2-disc set. Collaboration with Ryan. Cover printed on metallic gold paper. 
"The Fingler": 4-disc set. Slipcase packaging made from scratch. Pervy in-joke. 
"Rymix": 1-disc mixes. I've made about ten of these over the years. These two: 
2009, 2012
"Cradle 2 the Grave": 1-disc. Mix CD I gave out to the friends who attended my birthday. 
"Testarossa": 5-disc set. Slipcase packaging made from scratch, printed on metallic. 
"Something Old, Something New...": 4-dic set. Slipcase packaging made from scratch. 

MEDIA: CG, ink, collage, origami paper, metallic paper, found images
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