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Between 1999 and 2003, I made some albums with my close friend and frequent collaborator, Ryan Sands. This was a series of live noise sessions, recorded straight to Minidisk, after running all kinds of keyboards, video games systems, drum machines, turntables, broken / customized Walkmans, and other sound-producing things through the mixer. They are totally chaotic, but also totally charming in a weird way. The sound changed over the four albums as my gear got fancier, but things stayed fun.

For ten years these just remained Minidiscs that I was holding on to, waiting until I had the time & patience to put them onto the computer, fine tune them (I kept the live stuff intact, but took out long awkward stretches of silence where we had a recording problem), and otherwise get them broken up into tracks and ready for iPods and CD players.

As I was preparing to move to Japan at the beginning of 2013, I was checking things off the to-do list and finally got this compilation put together. I made Ryan and I each a five-disc set, with packaging based off of a couple photos of use recording (presumably taken by my mom), and bits of design used for our old clothing label, "Revenge", and used scans of the actual MDs for the CD inner sleeves. I printed the packaging on metallic silver cardstock and colorful paper. The fifth disc is a bonus, containing all kinds of insane recordings we made around 1997 and 1998, when I got my first computer and we were both experimenting a lot with WAV editors. I popped this, and the original minidiscs, in the mail for Ryan, and he was delighted!
MEDIA: CG, photography, ink, found images

RVNG bonus

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