"SPLEAK GIRL" 2007, 2008 shareshare
CelebSpleak girl

CelebSpleak girl

SportSpleak girl
This was the mascot I designed for Spleak, both in her CelebSpleak (red) and SportSpleak (green) incarnations. There was an existing character, designed before the company was restarted, but as part of my task to totally revamp the design language for the brand, I opted to update the mascot girl as well, going with a youthful anime-inspired look. Above, you'll see some examples of the final product, and below, you'll see some early versions of these illustrations, before my boss told me to give her a tan and make her more "sexy" (funny, since our audience was mostly teen & tween girls)
MEDIA: ink, CG

CelebSpleak girl bonus

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