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From spring 2007 until the recession-induced closure of the company in late 2008, I was the graphic designer at Spleak Media Network in San Francisco.

I handled all art & graphics needs for the company, ranging from the look and UI of the websites & widgets, which you'll see here, to the logos, mascot, IM integration, and other things. I also concieved of and launched the "GameSpleak" and "VoteSpleak" sub-brands.

Spleak Media Network sites, 2008
Spleak Media Network sites, 2008
Spleak Media Network sites, 2008
Spleak Media Network sites
Spleak Media Network site


Spleak had a widget for each brand that would feed user-created, superuser-created, and sponsored content to viewers online. I designed the aesthetics and user-interface of it. The top six widgets you see are the widgets that were up and running until Spleak closed down. I apologize for the low jpeg quality of some of these screenshots, but this was salvaged from a Powerpoint presentation. (the originals died in a corrupted hard drive). The bottom widget image (VoteSpleak), was my design for the future (prettier) aesthetics and functionality of the widget. It was to have smoother controls and eventually incorporate a video player. Sadly, since Spleak folded, this never saw the light of day.

Spleak Media Network widgets

Spleak Media Network site prototypes

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