"AKIRA" LETTERING  2017 shareshare
Working on this project was a dream come true for me. I've loved Akira since I was 13, and was honored to be able to letter the 35th anniversary box set. I handled all lettering on volumes 1, 3, and 6, and did lettering fine-tuning on the other three volumes. I also did some design for the series, in the form of the sound effects glossaries. This series didn't require as much sfx lettering as usual titles, since the idea was to keep them intact, in Japanese. There was some sfx work to be done though, in terms of bubbled sfx, and a lot of dialog to letter. I took extra pains to make sure every bit of lettering I did on this seminal work was the best I could do and that everything flowed gracefully. MEDIA:
CG, Wacom, marker,
publisher-provided artwork

Kodansha Comics

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