Kat & Katie

Hey kids, sorry for the delay in posting. I moved back to San Francisco after my 4.5 month stint in Michigan, and have been settling in, doing lots of freelance design work. However, I did just post some new fashion photography.


Kat & Katie


Last October, I did several shoots with Katie, one of which you saw in the “Takarazuka” illustrated-photo piece. Well, I finally got a chance to edit the other shots I took (after my hard drive disaster, I lost them, but luckily Katie had backup copies for me to edit.) Anyway, I have some headshots of her with wild makeup. Also, right before I left Michigan, my pal Kat and I did a shoot in a junkyard. If you go here, you can see her rocking some crazy animal print tights with a busted-up police cruiser, decked-out in yellow with a blue Ford Pinto, and wearing a neat white shirt.


My nose is to the grindstone on this site design gig, but hopefully I’ll get some new photography or illustration (or both) done soon.

Illustration – odds & ends

odds & ends

Sort of a random update today… a mix of new and old. To the Illustration page, I have posted: a car I designed in a little fit of inspiration tonight, something I made for the Electric Ant blog’s “covered meme” (Gene Autry), and two images I drew for Electric Ant zine #1, but didn’t get a chance to post until now, Zombie Apocalypse, and Dukes of Cobra. Also, for the Photography page, I finally posted the promotional photography that I did for Infectious.com last fall.


Secured a sublet in San Francisco, so I’m moving back! I’ll be on the road in about a week…

“Recumbent” + new car photography!

Despite having a really bad cold this week, I was productive…  I posted a new illustrated photo as well as two new works for the automotive photography page.


new this week...

To see a bigger version of “Recumbent”, as well as a couple of behind-the-scenes photos, click here. To see a bigger version of the Chevy Malibu pic, click here, and to see a bigger version of the 911 Targa (I want one so bad) pic, click here.


More later. I ate too much cheese, and now my lactose-intolerance is giving me a stomach ache  🙁

Ellen and a 500

Ellen & a Fiat 500

Just posted a couple shots from last fall that I hadn’t gotten a chance to put up until now… Ellen, posing with a beautiful little black Fiat 500. Click the preview pic above to see them big and in color!


alsooooo... I’m coming back to California in early March. I’m excited!


shoots with Annie and Mirela in Berkeley

So I’m still on the road. Had some more bad luck en route. Within 24 hours after the rear-ending incident, I got a flat tire when shooting near the Salt Flats. Things got worse late that night on the highway… A coyote ran out in front of my car and met its unfortunate end. I couldn’t stop in time 🙁  The front of my car also met a mangled fate… So now my barely-a-year-old car is pretty messed-up looking. I taped the front bumper together and cut off dragging bits of plastic, and the car seems to be able to limp along, but it will need some extensive body work when I get to Michigan. After all this, I stayed and my uncle’s place in Denver, relaxed a bunch, played GTA IV and John Carpenter movies huge via a digital projector, ate yummy food, and did another shoot while there, all of which lifted my spirits a bit.


Anyway, I’ve just posted shots from working with two very awesome models in Berkeley CA, as I left town:



I’ve been focusing on getting more commercial fashion stuff in my portfolio, and these two add quite a bit to that. I hope to work with both of them again, once I get back to California. To see more pics from these shots, click the above previews.

road trip!

road trip!

So thing have definitely changed since my last post.  The place I was going to stay at in LA fell through, and I also ran into money problems. All this happened in the last week. Yayyyy… Thus, I have to put off the LA move for a couple months. My lease is up in SF though, so I’m moving back to Michigan probably until February ‘09… to save up some cash and help my parents get their house ready to sell.


I’m pretty bummed about it, so I gave myself a consolation prize. Instead of heading straight back to MI, I’m going on a leisurely road trip, visiting friends and family, and doing a bunch of photo shoots on the way. So far, I’ve hit up Ventura CA, Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV and Salt Lake City UT. Tomorrow – after a shoot in the salt flats – I’m heading to Denver CO to visit my uncle, then on to Omaha NE, then Chicago IL, then finally Michigan.  I’ve already done 5 photo shoots since I left, and have a few more scheduled, so I’ll have a bunch of new stuff to showcase over the next few weeks…


sneak preview!

The trip has been fun… two bad things happened though…. First, I got a call from the data recovery lab. They can’t salvage anything on my hard drive. Thus, I’m basically going to have to start over. I can recover some of my work through friends, and through hi-res scanning of prints, but some is lost forever, except for the small-size images you can see on this site. Thus, I’m going to have to put off the “buy prints” section of my site a little longer, until I get new stuff to sell.  I had a couple weeks now to prepare myself for this outcome, but I thought they’d be able to recover at least some of the data, since the hard drive was at least responding somewhat. Shows me to put too much trust in a hard drive (even though it was only a year old).


The other bad thing that happened was tonight in Salt Lake City, some guy came up too fast behind me at a stop light and rear-ended me…


Yay!! / NOT yay.

This picture doesn’t quite do it justice. I’m going to have to get a new rear bumper and hatch door. Sucks man… I just got the car last year, and it’s my baby.  This picture pretty much sums up the trip so far.


Anyway, off to sleep. I have a very bizarre, interesting shoot in the flats tomorrow, which will later be turning into an illustrated-photo piece. It’s an idea I’ve been wanting to shoot for two years now… More updates later!


Hi kids.  First off, I wanted to highlight some shots I did of the lovely Kristine. Click the image below, or click here to see more…


There’s a lot of things going on right now…. some good some bad.  The bad first.  My hard drive decided to die last week, and I hadn’t backed up to DVD in a long time (argh).  Took it to a computer wizard but he wasn’t able to extract any data from it, so now I’m going to take it to one of San Francisco’s expensive data recovery specialists… Not sure which one yet, but I definitely need to get that data back (all my recent art).


In good  / stressful news, I am moving soon.  I’ve been in San Francisco for almost four years now, and it’s been great, and if I had my way, I’d stay here for a lot longer, and make my career happen here.  Problem is, it seems like SF is not the best place to make a photography career happen. Also, since I intend to do more commercial work in the world of automotive photography, it seems clear to me that LA is the place to go. So with a heavy heart, I am leaving SF on the 3rd or 4th of November, and heading to the city of (fallen) angels. It just seems like a better place for me to be, career-wise… so if you are looking for a good photographer, hit me up!  Make this move worth all the stress! (jk)

shots from the Madonna Inn

So a couple weeks ago, I met up with my friend Star and her friends (including Marie, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year) in San Luis Obispo, at the Madonna Inn. (You can see Star’s posts about the trip – so far – here, here and here.)


The point of the trip was to exploit the bizarre / whimsical / schizophrenic looks of the Madonna Inn, and take lots of photos of photogenic people.  I took a ton of pics, but here’s just a couple for now….


Reed, in the leprechaun room
Audrey, in the cowboy room

To see another pic of Audrey, click here.


Other new photos. good news. bad news. but I’ll save that for later this weekend…

“Lone Wolf”

Hey kids. I just finished a new illustrated-photograph, the third in my post-apocalyptic series… “Lone Wolf”:


Lone Wolf

I did this shoot in Detroit with the lovely alternative model & Suicide Girl, Vivka, during my recent visit home.  It’s been a while since I got a chance to explore an abandoned building (not as many of those in the Bay Area), so this was super fun. Vivka and I did another shoot while I was there, but I’ll probably be illustrating that a couple months down the line, as life is super busy right now.

Another recent thingy, although I didn’t blog about it before… I took some publicity shots of a local rapper, “Venom”, and his car. Here’s his car:

Chrysler 300C DUB Edition

Other than that, I’ve been doing product / lifestyle shots for the fall lineup of Infectious. I’ll post some of said shots when the product lineup is live.

In other – major – news… I’m planning on moving to Los Angeles at the beginning of November.  I, and everyone else in my company, got laid-off a month ago, since the company is shutting down. (thanks recession!) I’ve been doing freelance photography and graphic design this past month, but I’m thinking if I really want to benefit my photography career (especially for automotive photography), I need to get down to LA. Right now seems like a better time than ever to take a chance. Thus, after tabling at Alternative Press Expo in SF (more on that later), I’ll be moving.  Life is crazy, as usual!