I’ve been super busy since moving to Japan last year, and haven’t been able to do as much art as I’d like, but I still find time to make quick drawings here and there! I just posted a few beautiful ladies to my illustration section, here, here, here, here, here, and here!


What have I been busy with? Well, for one, just living my life and exploring this interesting place I live in… Also the day job and a big publishing project I’ve been in charge of for it (I’ll post that eventually on this site). Also I’ve been working on other publishing projects that I’ll talk about someday. Sorry to be cryptic… Anyway, enjoy these drawings for now!


I posted a new music track that I’m quite proud of, as well as artwork to go with it! It’s a tribute to the future, how we used to view the future back in the ’80s. It’s sort of like a space hip hop wall of sound and has a lot of moody atmospherics. Best listened to on good headphones or speakers with BASS  🙂   If you want to see more about the visual art, go to this page in the design section.


As a bonus, here’s a nice big wallpaper of the fake Famicom label I made for the video.

Long time no see. Here’s a bunch of art!

Hey everyone. I’m all settled in Japan now. Er, I have been since late January, but things have been quite busy. Anyway, I’ve been feeling super inspired since moving here, and have working on lots of creative projects whenever I have time. I’ll post about some of other stuff I’ve been doing soon, but in the meantime, here are a few illustrations and collages I’ve done since getting here (you can click on them to go to their respective gallery pages if you’d like):





PROBE + more new art!


Hello everyone! I’ve just posted a bunch of photos from an extremely enjoyable photo shoot I did in Detroit last month.  I’ve been Flickr buddies for a long time now with Tyler Linner, a transportation design student at CCS. Recently he purchased a winter beater car, a first-gen Ford Probe, and has been customizing it into a hyper-miling aero art car (complete with dazzle camouflage!) I knew, once I saw it, that I would have to photograph it!



We found a suitably angular backdrop, and were joined by the lovely Amanda Faye Cain for some avant-garde photo fun-time. She did an amazing job, and I’m hoping to work with her again very soon. Special thanks to the folks across the street at Threat Management Center, for providing me with power for my lights.



Anyway, click on one of the above images, or here, to see more photos. If you want to see even more photos from the shoot after that (27 total!), check out this Flickr set.


In other news, I snuck some other new work on the site recently… Some new photography and some new illustrations. Let’s stay on the photography topic for now.



A friend of mine posed for some pin-up photography a few months back, and she approved of me posting a couple of our more interesting & abstract shots, on the condition that she remain anonymous. Click here, or above, to check out both of them. Perhaps you’ll see more from the shoot further on, if she gives of the OK, but for now, enjoy these steamy (literally in this case) photos. (sort of nsfw)


I also did some illustration. We’ll stay on the topic of nsfw for this one, although it is also quite tasteful…



Recently Electric Ant posted a collaboration between a good bunch of indie comics artists, many of which are buddies of mine, in honor of the recently departed Jean Giraud, aka Moebius. I loved his art, growing up, and was saddened to hear of his passing. For this tribute, we all picked an image from a collector’s card set that Moebius made, and did a “cover” of the image. Click above, or here, to see my interpretation of “Loona”. Also, be sure to check out the post on Electric Ant, to see a ton of AMAZING art by other Moebius-lovers!


One last piece to update here… A collage / illustration that I made out of shipping labels:


shipping labels collage

Just something fun I whipped up in 20 min in my journal. Click above, or here to see the whole image (it’s not NSFW, but I sort of like this sneak preview format!)


Anyway, I hope you cats and kittens enjoy the new stuff! I’ve been absolutely swamped lately with two big freelance book design / typersetting gigs this year so far, so it’s cut down my workflow on other things, but hopefully I’ll post some more fun stuff here again soon, before the next century!

coloring pages!

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month coloring pages

I’ve been a busy boy since moving back to Michigan. Three big freelance gigs at the same time. Two publishing projects, which I’ll go into more detail about later, and a series of coloring pages and craft/project photography for Education.com. You can see the coloring pages (seriously, how fun is this freelance gig!) on the Illustration page. Click above, or here to see the series I did for the upcoming Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, and here to download the PDFs! The series features IM Pei, Michelle Kwan, Ichiro Suzuki, Kristi Yamaguchi, Larry Shinoda, Apollo Anton Ohno, Maya Lin,Duke Kahanamoku, Jeremy Lin, and Dan Inouye.


I also posted a few shots I look of Katie while I was visiting LA in December. Check them out here! Here’s one of them:



More stuff coming soon… I’ve been back in MI for a couple months, and have been alternating between crazy busy and crazy chillaxing. I have an exciting and avant-garde shoot scheduled for this coming Sunday, and I hope to be having a mini-renaissance of art-making this spring and summer!

Odds & Ends – November 2011 edition

odds & ends...

Okay, in less naked news, I added a bunch of… well, odds & ends to the site, mostly to the Design page, but one to Illustration as well. Mostly stuff from the past year that I for some reason forgot to upload, but also a few brand new things.



In other news, I made a bunch of subtle tweaks all over the site. Now all the copyright dates are correct. Well, let’s rephrase that. I get lazy about going through the whole site each year and changing all the dates, and I’m not enough of a coding wizard to install a site-wide auto-updating line of date code. Thus, now it just says “© Evan Hayden” instead of  “© YEAR Evan Hayden”. It’s my copyrighted work, regardless of the year anyway. I can see you falling asleep from here, so I’ll get onto the other site tweaks… I also redid some of the thumbnails on the Design page to better reflect their content, mostly notably in the album packaging (square thumbnails now to give a quick preview of the whole album cover), and in the logos (thin borders on the thumbnail boxes now to make everything more cohesive). The other change I made was in taking most of the text on the screen and bumping it up a size. In my opinion, this isn’t as pretty as delicate small text on the page, but it’s more readable in general, and I was getting tired of leaning so close to my monitor to read my own dang site! (and others mentioned to me that the old font was too small as well). So in general these tweaks mean better accessibility for others, and less updating headaches for me!


version 2.0!



I’m finally done with the revamp of evanhaydenart.com. As I mentioned, there may be some bugs here and there. If you spot anything, please let me know. Here’s what I’ve changed…


  • Design and layout. Fancier looking now, more colorful, and with darker accents. If you get nostalgic for the old look, you can take a peek at it here.
  • Added the Music page. Not much on it yet, as I’m just getting back into making music after a long hiatus.
  • Simplified some of the pages.
  • Moved the blog here, and replaced the main index page with a fancy landing page.
  • Made things load better on mobile devices
  • Fixed a lot of the problems with how things load on Safari & IE.


I also added several new (and a couple older) bits & pieces to the gallery pages… To the Illustration gallery, I added “Ting Terng” (something I did for the “covers” art jam on the Electric Ant blog), “Happy Birthday” (an illustration for a friend-of-a-friend’s birthday), and “Blind Beast” (A piece I did for Electric Ant issue 2. NSFW!). To the Design gallery, I added some examples of my graphic design and layout for Electric Ant issue 2, and from the vaults, I added “The World of Same Hat!” (the cover to a sampler of Same Hat!, a blog I cofounded with my best friend Ryan.) Yay!


Known bugs:

  • For some reason on all pages except the blog, if you hit ctrl+click (for example to open a link in a new tab), or hit right-click on the mouse, the page will redirect you to the index landing page. This is an annoying bug, and I’m hoping one of my more seasoned programmer friends can help me fix it. *hint hint*. For now, just hit back in the browser if it does that to you. I’m hoping to fix this asap.
  • On a smaller note, I need to tweak the way the outline formatting is on the thumbnails on the gallery index pages. I’m very sleepy now, but I’ll try to get that cleaned up in the next couple days.


Special thanks to Ryan, Melinda, Dawon, and Jason for helping me to test the design on a variety of resolutions, operating systems, and browsers! Anyway, enjoy the new site! I have a couple new illustrated-photo works coming in the next couple weeks, so look forward to that 🙂


Illustration – odds & ends

odds & ends

Sort of a random update today… a mix of new and old. To the Illustration page, I have posted: a car I designed in a little fit of inspiration tonight, something I made for the Electric Ant blog’s “covered meme” (Gene Autry), and two images I drew for Electric Ant zine #1, but didn’t get a chance to post until now, Zombie Apocalypse, and Dukes of Cobra. Also, for the Photography page, I finally posted the promotional photography that I did for Infectious.com last fall.


Secured a sublet in San Francisco, so I’m moving back! I’ll be on the road in about a week…