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Hello everyone! (anyone?) Just wanted to drop a quick message here to say that I haven’t forgotten about my art site. I’ve just been super bogged down with work deadlines for a long time, and haven’t had time to make any non-work art, or even to update the manga work section of my site. (I’ve done a bunch of new titles and want to show them off!)


Lots of major life events too! In the – uhhh – two and a half years since I posted here, I:
Moved back to the USA (and helped my wife Miwa immigrate too, of course!)  I miss Japan dearly, but I had to move back to the midwest for a while since my parents have been having major health problems and needed help. Nice to be living with my cats again though!
Bought a house! I live in Toledo OH. Despite missing Japan, I do love my little house and my wife and I have been having fun making it a home.
Became a dad! Miwa and I welcomed our son Felix into this world on January 31st 2020, you know, shortly before the world as we knew it fell apart. He made 2020 and onward much better for us than it would have been otherwise. Love the little dude.


Anyway, things may be getting slightly more relaxed this summer, so stay tuned for a big update. I post semi-regularly on Twitter, if you wanna check out my little missives around manga lettering, politics, and 90s-GIF-retweeting. I started a total overhaul of my website at the start of the year, and that got put on hold and it’s about half done. I hope to get it done this summer. In the meantime, be good to yourself, and to others, and I’ll see you soon.

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    1. As far as I know, Die Wergelder 3 is still due on December 20th. I finished my part of the work on it late August, so I know it’s in the production pipeline, but since I’m a freelance letterer I have no control over what happens in terms of release dates and plans and whatnot. It’s basically all out of my hands once I send off my final lettering edits.

      As for the site, it’s not dropped / dead. Just been way too busy this past couple years to do anything with it and since people don’t check my art site much (I wish that weren’t the case!), it’s been low priority for now. Hopefully work / life stuff will slow down sometime and I can finish the redesign and post all the new stuff here. Thanks for asking though!

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