ZONE SYSTEM – remastered

Zone System - remastered

As promised, here is the remastered version of my 2006 comic “Zone System”. I gave this one a more extensive overhaul than that of Webby Crunch. It’s now a page longer than the original (21 pps now), due to rearranging some of the panel layout and flow to allow for some of the content to have more room to breath. I also redrew half of page 7, as well as making all kinds of nips and tucks to the rest of the artwork. You’ll also see a ton more tones in this one, as well as new lettering and some script rewrites. As with Webby Crunch, I changed the page layout dimensions from its original US comic “floppy” size, to the wider A5 manga standard. Anyway, enough technical whatzits, go read it!


Since I’m back on a comics kick, I’ve been getting ready to work on a new one… I actually have two in mind that I want to do – a shorter, black & white one, and a rather long full-color graphic novel. Needless to say, I’m putting off the graphic novel for a while, as it’s a bigger fish than I can fry at the moment, but I’ve been plotting out the shorter one, and am hoping to start making it soon. I have to get in the right head-space though, as it’s going to be a pretty depressing story… but one that is appropriate for our times. Anyway, I won’t make any promises right now on how soon that’ll be done, but hopefully reasonably soon!

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