version 2.0!



I’m finally done with the revamp of As I mentioned, there may be some bugs here and there. If you spot anything, please let me know. Here’s what I’ve changed…


  • Design and layout. Fancier looking now, more colorful, and with darker accents. If you get nostalgic for the old look, you can take a peek at it here.
  • Added the Music page. Not much on it yet, as I’m just getting back into making music after a long hiatus.
  • Simplified some of the pages.
  • Moved the blog here, and replaced the main index page with a fancy landing page.
  • Made things load better on mobile devices
  • Fixed a lot of the problems with how things load on Safari & IE.


I also added several new (and a couple older) bits & pieces to the gallery pages… To the Illustration gallery, I added “Ting Terng” (something I did for the “covers” art jam on the Electric Ant blog), “Happy Birthday” (an illustration for a friend-of-a-friend’s birthday), and “Blind Beast” (A piece I did for Electric Ant issue 2. NSFW!). To the Design gallery, I added some examples of my graphic design and layout for Electric Ant issue 2, and from the vaults, I added “The World of Same Hat!” (the cover to a sampler of Same Hat!, a blog I cofounded with my best friend Ryan.) Yay!


Known bugs:

  • For some reason on all pages except the blog, if you hit ctrl+click (for example to open a link in a new tab), or hit right-click on the mouse, the page will redirect you to the index landing page. This is an annoying bug, and I’m hoping one of my more seasoned programmer friends can help me fix it. *hint hint*. For now, just hit back in the browser if it does that to you. I’m hoping to fix this asap.
  • On a smaller note, I need to tweak the way the outline formatting is on the thumbnails on the gallery index pages. I’m very sleepy now, but I’ll try to get that cleaned up in the next couple days.


Special thanks to Ryan, Melinda, Dawon, and Jason for helping me to test the design on a variety of resolutions, operating systems, and browsers! Anyway, enjoy the new site! I have a couple new illustrated-photo works coming in the next couple weeks, so look forward to that :-)


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