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Hey kids. I apologize for the grievous amount of time since my last post. My life ended up getting thrown into a tizzy in November when I found out my dad needed heart surgery, so I came back to Michigan to be there for that. Since he also has needed help around the house during recovery, I have been here in MI since then, and will be going back to San Francisco on January 19th. Dad’s doing great now, so that’s awesome, but I haven’t had much time for art-making lately.


In other news, what I have been working on in my free time is the revamped version of this site (version 2.0 if you will). I’ll be posting that online at some point this coming week, and since I don’t claim to be a master programmer, there will undoubtedly be some glitches here and there at first (ie: missing graphics, dead links, messed-up CSS). If you spot anything weird, please let me know. The good news is, once I get the new site finished and the bugs zapped, it should load better and look nicer than the current site. It will also be a little more streamlined in functionality (I think I bit off more than I could chew when I relaunched my art site in ‘08). There will also be a new section, and certain pages will run better on mobile devices.


The other big change – and this might sound counter-intuitive – is that the blog is going to move from the index page to a dedicated blog page. I know it’s more the standard now to have a blog be the landing page for one’s art gallery site, but I sort of miss having the old splash page fanciness I used to have. Plus, frankly  it’s embarrassing to have a three month old blog post at the front of my site in busy, chaotic times like this. So… what does this mean to you if you subscribe to my blog? It should mean nothing really. It looks like WordPress is pretty good about moving the address of a blog without cancelling out people’s RSS subscriptions. That said, I’ve never done it before, so if it doesn’t work, you might have to manually change your subscription address. I’m going to tentatively have the blog at (but I’ll keep you posted)


Anyway, new site coming very soon, as well as two new illustrations this coming month (one’s almost done)! Happy 2010!

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