“Automaton JDM”

Hey kids. I just finished a long and laborious new illustrated-photo work… “Automaton JDM“.


Automaton JDM

JDM stands for “Japanese Domestic Market”. This is the sequel to “Automaton Classic “, which I made in spring 2006. With this one, I really wanted to make a significant jump over the last in regards to detail, setting, atmospheric lighting, and impact. This piece is made of 26 different Japanese cars & motorcycles (production and concept) that I shot in Japan and in the US. Bonus: the main red car in the chest plate is actually my Mazda3. A few other vehicles includes are the Nissan GT-R, Honda Evo 6 concept, Nissan March, Mitsubishi i, Mazda Demio, Mazda Furai concept, Mazda Taiki concept, etc… The background is at the Ebisubashi Bridge in the Dōtonbori area of Osaka, Japan.


If you’d like to see a detail of Automaton JDM, go to its gallery page


I’ve been so busy this past few months, and I’m finding myself not being able to just focus and make as much free-time art as I’d like. However, even though I don’t have the time to make the quantity of work I once did, I’m trying to compensate for that by making very deluxe illustrated photos this year. (quality over quantity).


Aaaaanyway, on to the next piece …as well as back to work on the zine (more about that later). See you soon!

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