Are you there internet? It’s me, Evan. first post

Hi everybody. I’m Evan. I live in San Francisco CA, and originally hail from a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan.


My main artistic focuses are photography and illustration, and particularly a hybrid of the two. I also occasionally make comics and my day job is in graphic design, so I thought I’d show a variety of things, since I love making a variety of things.


I’ve had my art online on various sites since 1997, but I decided that it was time to launch a new site, one with fancy-shmancy web 2.0 bells & whistles to get my web presence out of the dark ages and into 2008. This began a couple months of racking my brain, trying to learn some CSS and PHP stuff… Now keep in mind, programming is not my forte (err, art is, hence the website), so if you find any broken links / bugs / etc, let me know! (PS: here’s a screenshot of the old site, in case you’re feeling a bit nostalgic.)


Anyway, it’s almost 2AM and I must get some sleep…. I’m hoping to update the blog part of this site fairly regularly, but if there are gaps in content, rest assured… I’m busy making new art to show you.

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